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Wellness holistic weekend in Tuscany

Wellness holistic weekend in Tuscany

Saturday and Sunday with yoga, pilates, meditation and dance

What about a wellness holistic weekend in Tuscany to take care of your body and soul?
At Le Capanne Camping Village we are arranging weekends focused on yoga, pilates, meditation and postural gymnastics that will let you regain energy and relax within the peaceful atmosphere of our village plunged into the nature.
The program is very rich and intense and will be prepared by holistic wellness experts thanks to their  competence and  experience.
Check out the program and contact us for a customized quote.
(offer valid for weekends: 27-29 April; 25-27 May; 1-3 June 2018)
2-night package € 199 for 3 persons benefiting from B&B plan
  •     access to all holistic activities
  •     accommodation decided according to roulette plan
Extra person for Dough in Hands offer € 39
Here’s the program:
9 am – Interior Dance: it awakes your body energy connecting to the Heart Space
10:15 am - 7 Tibetan Rites : rite letting re-activate the energy flow inside your body in all 7 chakras (our body’s energy centers), harmonize vital energy and oxygenate every organ. Movements stimulate metabolism facilitating purification from toxins and balance of energy and psychic centers.
ore 11:30 - Pilates: it tones up muscles allowing spinal column realignment
ore 12:30 – Lunch break
2.30 pm - Yoga: through light and gentle movements, static postures and conscious breathing, the body gets rid of all the accumulated tensions
4 pm – Body balance: it is the primary focus of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates whose goal is increase flexibility and strength giving a great sensation of calm and concentration. Controlled breathing, concentration and a number of postures and movements with background music
5.30 pm – Kundalini Meditation:  Kundalini is the name of the vibrating energy crossing the spinal column, it is the energy of the snake and it is like an energy shower that shakes you gently and liberate you from all the daytime events, making you feel fresher and lighter.
6.30 pm – Dinner time
9 pm - Biodance – it is a simple and joyful discipline which makes us more agile,  flexible and livelier. It also improves the quality of our relationships and helps reduce conflicts, stress and anxiety awakening our ability to self-heal and reinforcing both our self-esteem and interior strength.
10.30 pm – Disco dance night
9 am - Heart Chakra Meditation: it creates a sensation of stable connection to the Earth and opening of the Heart Space
10.15 am - 7 Tibetan rites
11.30 am - Pilates
12.30 – Lunch Break
2.15 pm - Yoga:
4 pm – Kundalini Meditation
Fill out the form for further information, we will find the right accommodation for your wellness:
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A great camping place for family especially for the kids they have fun activities at night and activities for adults like aqua gym etc....
Edi Wow - Holiday with friends - 11-09-2019
A lovely, cozy children-friendly camping with just the most wonderful Staff ever!! Hope to see you all soon, GRAZIE GRAZIE GRAZIE ❤️...
Jula Padula - Holiday with friends - 14-08-2019
beautiful place with perfect conditions for biking in the tuscany mountains...
Michael Timm - Holiday with friends - 06-06-2019
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